Storefront in Perryville opens to help those affected by tornado

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

For victims of the Perryville, Missouri tornado, getting help is now a little easier.

A storefront in Perry Plaza is now open to those in need.

It looks just like many convenience stores, but the difference with this one is for those impacted, everything is free.

Since the tornado donations keep coming, the city set up this location to manage them.

It’s run by a team of volunteers, and has everything from food, to cleaning products, water, and even diapers.

The storefront’s manager, Lisa Carroll, said this is set up for long-term care.

“This is a marathon, not just a race. So, this is just not to provide support this week, or next week, or the week after. This is to really help all of our friends and neighbors from the time that this tornado affected their community, affected these families, and individuals until they’re all settled back into their homes,” Carroll said.

Emergency Management Director, Hank Volker, for Perry County said all donations are going to a good cause.

“The folks here understand it’s a big deal, the donations that are coming in. The survivors are really appreciating it,” Volker said.

The store-front opened on Monday, and manager Lisa Carroll said Volker is putting his all into it.

“He kind of teased, you know, thanking everybody for coming to Hank-Mart. So, it was a name that he kind of came up with, and it kind of stuck,” Carroll said.

“I always wanted to own my own business, but I’m not really making any money on it,” Volker said.

No money needed, just a helping hand.

“We don’t just go away after a couple weeks. They’ll be here until they’re back into their homes for them with whatever they need,” Volker said.

“if it takes us six months, we’re here six months. If it takes us longer than that – we’re here longer than that,” Carroll said.

No matter what they need, one shopping cart at a time.

“We’re here to make life easy in any little way, easier in any little way that we can for those survivors and their family, because we are truly just glad that our community has every single one of them back. Anything we can do to lessen their load that’s what we’re here for,” Carroll said.

The storefront is open during the daylight hours, and will be in Perryville one way or another for as long as survivors need it.

“Come see us at Hank-Mart,” Carroll said.

Volker said donated items are no longer needed, but financial donations are, and can be donated through City Hall in Perryville.

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