Stoddard County teen collects luggage for foster children


A teen in Stoddard County, Missouri is helping foster children one suitcase at a time.

Ashlynn Wyman from Dexter wants to make sure every foster child has a suitcase.

She got the idea from seeing her mother and grandmother’s lives in social work and hearing about children carrying their lives in bags from home to home.

Wyman said some children only have trash bags to carry their belongings in, and she thinks they deserve more.

“When you go from house to house and you put it in trash bags you’re basically saying your life’s not worth that much, and every single person is worth more than a single trash bag, or a single suitcase, we’re worth more than that. So, I wanted them to feel like they have something of their own,” Wyman said.

Wyman said she’s already received 120 bags, but can always use more.

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