Sikeston, MO hopes to revamp Union Pacific rail line with ‘Rail Trail’

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

It’s not always safe to walk or cycle along the highway, and one Scott County city is looking to address that with an area you’ll want to enjoy.

Sikeston City Manager Jonathan Douglass says a bike trail is something the city has been looking at for a while.

“The first time I visited town and saw the abandoned railroad corridor, I thought to myself – that would be great if they could build a rail trail there,” Douglass said.

The old Union Pacific railway was a much busier place to be years ago for the city, and now Douglass is working to bring that foot traffic back on two wheels.

“The Rail Trail is one of those quality of life features that people see and it’s just one small part of everything that’s offered in the community,” Douglass said.

In total The Rail Trail will cost $2 million dollars, which Douglas says he’s hoping to pay for with grant money.

They already have Phase 1 of the project covered.

“We’ve already received a grant for phase one from MODOT to fund 75-percent of that portion,” Douglass said.

The goal is to start the trail at the old Railroad Depot, have the path go down toward Sikeston High School, and travel along Highway 62 all the way to Miner.

“It’s along a main drag in town where there aren’t sidewalks in some portions, so it will provide a safe place to travel. It will be set back from the roads a significant distance, even more so than a typical sidewalk would be,” Douglass said.

The project includes landscaping, signage, and even some lighting along the trail.

“It will really make that look a lot cleaner, and more polished, and really a good image as you travel along those portions of town,” Douglass said.

Douglass says as long as they can find the funds, the city will continue to expand the pathway.

“If we’re fortunate, maybe every year we can do one of those phases, and in four or five years have it done,” Douglass said.

The trail is set to be approved by the city council next week.

If everything goes as planned the city hopes to break ground this summer.

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