Sikeston DPS donates unused bicycles to Heartland veterans

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

The power of Facebook is helping Heartland heroes in need.

The Sikeston Department of Public Safety donated almost 50 bikes to the John J. Pershing Medical Center.

Lisa Mullin is a social worker for the veterans clinic in Sikeston.

“I put it on Facebook and I just said – ‘hey, I’m thinking of this program if you guys can help me out and let me know,’” said Mullin.

She said helping a veteran get a bike recently inspired her to start a program.

“I had 20 people say ‘Hey! I’ve got a bike! Hey! I’ve got a bike!’ And then Danny said ‘we have about 200 bikes,’” said Mullin.

“[I] saw the need so I made a contact through my department and that’s where it went from there,” said Danny Adams, a public safety officer in Sikeston.

The city stores bikes that are found, lost, or stolen. Many are unable to find a home, and many are sent for scrap.

“I thought what better place for them to go would be to homeless veterans,” said Adams. “It’s just helping your fellow soldier out, as they call your battle buddy. You’ve got to take care of them, so we can take care of them this way to help them get an education, or job, or at least make their doctor appointments.”

When Adams said buddies, he meant it, because both Adams and Mullin are Air Force veterans who served in Iraq.

“Here I had such a hard time finding a job. I was a mom – a new mom – and I didn’t have my education yet, so I had to go get on welfare, and it was really hard. So, just those little things along the way help so much,” said Mullin.

Together, they delivered 50 bikes to their fellow service members.

“It’s going to mean a whole lot because these guys need this transportation. Whatever needs to be done I like to be able to help. It makes my heart happy I guess you could say,” said Adams.

“After going through and getting my education I am financially stable, so to give back to where I was and to remember that other people are still needing help. So why can’t a veteran help a veteran if it only takes a simple post? Hey, we need this help – and the whole community is ready to help,” said Mullin.

Employees of the VA will be working to fix the bikes and get them ready for the road.

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