Remembering Lynn Messer, family reflects on disappearance


We’re learning more about the disappearance of Lynn Messer and the last hours anyone saw her alive.

You may remember, the Bloomsdale woman went missing over two years ago.

Hundreds joined in the search in Ste. Genevieve County back in July of 2014.

Time passed with no answers, and no sign on Lynn.

This past November, her remains were found surprisingly close to home on The Messer Farm.

Investigators say she was found in an area that was combed through by search crews in earlier searches.

There are still many questions that investigators hope forensic tests will answer.

We spoke to her family about the woman at the center of it all and the questions this family says is ripping them apart.

Sherae Honeycutt met with her sons, Aaron and Abram, and in a separate interview, with her husband, Kerry.

“Some days I’d like to wake up and for her to be home, and not to know that she’s gone, and every day I remember that she’s gone, and that is so hard,” Aaron Messer said.

Her two sons grieve for a mother they will never see again.

Aaron and Abram Messer say they want people to see beyond the headlines and get to know Lynn.

“She was one of those people who would come into a room with her demeanor and the way she carried herself – she would just bring that light into wherever she was,” Abram Messer said.

A light their father says he saw from the beginning.

“I was a senior in high school and I looked out the bus window and when I saw her face for the first time I fell in love with her right then and there,” Kerry Messer said.

Throughout their lives, she dedicated herself to caring for her boys.

“Whether it meant that she had to make clothes so we had what we needed or whether it meant that she spent hour, after hour, gardening, and preparing food, and planning-out meals to make sure that we didn’t go without. That’s selfless love,” Abram Messer said.

On July 8, 2014, their mother went missing. They never saw her alive again.

“I miss the love of my life. You don’t throw away 38 years, and it’s been a very difficult journey over the last two and a half years. Tons of things I never expected, but more than anything I just miss her,” Kerry Messer said.

“She knows everything that’s happened. She knows what happened to her. She knows that what’s more important than the past is what we do with our lives now in being faithful at the moment. Honoring her, and carrying on,” Aaron Messer said.

Since her disappearance, a rift has grown between the men.

Suspicion and theories on both sides leave them separated by a protection order.

But no matter the distance, the men say they must keep going for Lynn, and hope someday they know the truth.

“There’s a hole in our lives, and it’s never going to be wholly full, but we have to fill it together. We have to be there for each other so that when mom’s not there we are for each other,” Aaron Messer said.

“We cannot forget – who my mother is, and what she taught us. How we can use what she has taught us to help guide us in our lives, and remember the impact that she has had on our lives,” Abram Messer said.

“If you’ve never lost the one you love more than anybody in the world there’s no way I can describe it, you’ll never understand no matter what I say. The sun’s going to come up tomorrow, and so we just have to give it to the Lord and get up and give him the next day and get through it,” Kerry Messer said.

Ste. Genevieve County Coroner Eric Basler says they are still trying to figure out how Lynn died through forensic testing.

Basler says it’s unclear what they may find, and when this testing would be complete.

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