Photographer offers gift to Perryville tornado victims

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) – Original Post

The Perryville Tornado destroyed dozens of homes taking priceless family photos with it.

Photographer Amber Smith says she wants help create new memories for families who have lost so much.

“That’s kinda what photographers do. They help you make memories with your family, and pictures are supposed to last you forever,” said Smith.

Living in Southeast Missouri her whole life tornadoes aren’t new to Smith.

“When a tornado comes, and it takes your pictures away, then you just don’t have them anymore, and that’s heartbreaking,” Smith said.

That is why she’s offering victims of The Perryville Tornado a unique offer.

A free photo session, and the pictures to go with it.

“They’ll get a disc with – it’s usually twenty-five, but it’s probably going to be a lot more because they’ve lost them all so they need to cover their home with beautiful pictures,” said Smith.

Smith says she wants the experience to be a bright spot in this tough time.

“I want them to have fun with their families. Of course we’re going to do posed pictures, but I love a lot of non-posed stuff. Laughing, looking at your kids, playing with your kids,” said Smith.

She hopes the pictures can give families a step towards starting their new lives.

“I know I can’t give them those pictures back, but I want to try to help them have new memories, and something new to look at and for their kids to have later on down the line,” said Smith.

Smith says she knows each session takes time and effort, but it seems small after what they’ve been through.

“They’re in our prayers, and I know this isn’t a lot to give. I wish I could give more. I wish I had the time to give more, but I just want them to know that we’re all praying for them, and we’re thinking about them, and everyone is here to help,” said Smith.

Smith says the offer will not expire, and that she knows families are focused on putting their lives back together.

If you are a victim of The Perryville Tornado and would like to inquire about a photo session contact Smith on her Facebook page here.

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