Mother given little notice when daycare broke contract over medical concerns


Two hours instead of two weeks.

That’s the notice one Cape Girardeau mother said her son’s day care gave her before they terminated their contract.

However, the school’s director said they didn’t have a choice.

Elayna Dunn found out her son had epilepsy in February.

The boy’s daycare director said they felt equipped to handle his diagnosis, but the situation quickly changed.

“We’re trying, you know, and we thought that they were too,” Dunn said.

Dunn still can’t believe her son’s medical condition means she has to find a new daycare.

“You just gave us a two hour and thirty minute notice that our child – that was his last day,” said Dunn.

Her son had been going to Southeast Missouri State’s University School for Young Children for about a year. When she found out her Carter has epilepsy she told the staff, and said they told her it wouldn’t be a problem.

“Just like it’s a learning experience for them, it’s a learning experience for us too,” Dunn said.

But a change in her son’s medication a few months ago changed his demeanor dramatically.

“He just became limp, and that’s what that medication did, and we explained that to them,” Dunn said.

Director Becky Moore said they are not equipped to handle that kind of situation.

The daycare’s handbook states if a child is not the right fit, they will give parents two weeks notice.

Moore admitted they broke policy in Dunn’s case after having to call 911 for Carter twice in one week.

“You gave us two hours and thirty minutes. If you would have gave us two weeks then we would have had time to figure out what our next move is, but we couldn’t. It was just thrown at us,” Dunn said.

The daycare director also said they offered Dunn other resources and options based on her son’s condition.

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