From Intern to Employee

School has been so busy! I’m in my fourth week of classes and I can hardly believe this month has gone buy so quickly. It makes me think that the next two years are going to be much faster than I imagine them to be.

There have been a lot of changes going on for me professionally. I finished my internship with KRON in August and am pleased to say that I was offered  a part time position with the station. I’m working as a Production assistant for the 8 and 11pm newscasts on Saturday and Sunday nights. I’m two weeks into my new job and I’m really loving it. I am learning so much about my industry that is going to help me professionally when I get out of school.

For my job I assist the Producer and Writer for the weekend newscasts. This means a variety of things. For the most part I am organizing and preparing lower level parts of the newscast, but also doing some important things. I’m ensuring that all of our content gets in on time and is ready for the director to air. I’m also writing smaller stories and editing videos for VO, SOT, and teases.

For those of you you haven’t heard of VO or SOT they mean:

VO (Voice Over): Video that is used when the newscaster is talking over it or any video where no sound is used and there is live audio over it.

SOT (Sound on Tape): This is quotes from people. Sound clips that usually express an opinion or explain something that was experienced.

Tease: Video to show what is coming up in the newscast. A short video that is usually VO that reminds the viewer to stay tuned to see upcoming stories.

So next time you watch the 8 or 11pm news Saturday or Sunday night on KRON just know that I’m there, behind the scenes, making sure everything goes right.


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