Summer Updates

I’ve only been on summer break about two weeks, but has that made me a lazy student with no motivation? Well, maybe a little, but NO! I see this summer as an important time in my life. This fall I’ll be off to SF State and so busy with school I may not have the time to create the same amount of content. So, with that in mind, I’ve taken a new internship. Yes, I know, I should enjoy my summer. The thing is that I will if I’m in the newsroom!

Last week I was very excited to learn that I was selected for an internship with KRON 4 in San Francisco. When I went to the NAB conference in Las Vegas back in April the biggest piece of advice I got was to intern at multiple news organizations. Three different ones before I get out of school if possible. So, here I go on my second. I start tomorrow and I’m very interested to see the differences between KTVU and KRON. I’ve heard great things about KRON from professionals that I have talked to about this and I’m sure this summer is going to be a lot of fun.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.02.44 PMThe other cool bit of information I heard this morning was that my ‘What If?’ Etc. Magazine + IDTV story was mentioned and featured in the San Francisco Chronicle in an article with a similar theme. My Department Chair sent me the article in it’s entirety. Unfortunately you have to be a subscriber to read the full article.

The story was featured on their front page. I’m so happy to have my work published and featured in the Chronicle. It feels like I’m on my way to something really great. A BIG thank you to Nanette Asimov who included my work in her excellent article. I really appreciate the recognition.

XNM1W5YPTBThe summer is truly only a few weeks. In August I will begin my last two years of school. My orientation is next month and being the proactive person I am I already know all the classes I am going to take. I went out to the campus last week to take a look around and see where I’d be spending my time. The campus is just stunning – beautiful and green. I’m looking forward to the completion of my degree and my growth as a journalist over the next two years. GO GATORS!


My department at SF State.


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