Confessions of a KTVU Intern: Thank you!

4db43935179f66e4f47cb5fb61663e83The past semester has been extremely enriching and affirming experience about what I want to do with the rest of my life. I truly enjoyed every day that I came into the station. There were many stories that I got to work on that were very special for me.

This was my first internship that I’d ever had. While I’d worked professionally for many years previous it was great to be able to step back and observe how others get things done. I’m hoping to come back one day to KTVU for possibly a second internship, but we will have to see where the next two years take me.

Here are some photos from my last day in the newsroom. I miss it already!

IMG_1286Sunday Night News Team
Mark Tamayo, Ken Wayne, Me, Heather Holmes, Joe Fonzi.


KTVU Meteorologists Mark Tamayo & Bill Martin.


Reporter Eric Rasmussen & I.

IMG_1289Sports Reporter Fred Inglis & I.

IMG_1295Gasia Mikaelian, Frank Somerville & I.
A funny note: Frank is a really active guy. He works out in between shows and practices Krav Maga in his free time. On my last day I tried to grab him before he got his suit off, but he was too quick for me! He was nice enough to take this photo with me even though he wasn’t in his suit.

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