Etc. + IDTV: What if City College Closed?

This semester Etc. Magazine and IDTV teamed up to create a super multimedia team! We put together a number of projects. Namely four long form packages on the challenges City College has faced over the past year. In this report I interview Tannis Reinhertz, the Department Chair of Culinary Arts. Gregory Keech, the Department Chair of English as a Second Language. Sam Mogannam, City College Alumni and owner of Bi Rite in San Francisco’s Mission District, and Lupita Gama, a City College ESL student.

I spoke with them about how City College has changed their lives for the better, what this school means to them, and what would happen if City College shut it’s doors for good.

One response to “Etc. + IDTV: What if City College Closed?”

  1. I learned about the city college shutting down on the radio over the weekend, but you did a better job than the panel did of showing how valuable the institution is to the city of S.F. Thanks for the reporting, and keep it up!

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