KC man charged with attacking another man in Arrowhead parking lot after Sunday’s game

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A 42-year-old Kansas City man is behind bars after allegedly beating another man in the parking lot of Arrowhead Stadium Sunday after the Chiefs win over the Houston Texans.

Prosecutors charged Jonathan Brown with second-degree assault Monday.

According to the probable cause statement, a white Ford van and white Range Rover, both trying to leave the parking lot, struck each other at the same time.

Witnesses said the driver of the Range Rover got out and tapped the window of the van as they were pulling away. He also used his hand to signal for them to stop.

Court documents said when the driver of the van refused to stop, the driver from the Range Rover walked in front of the van to take a picture of the license plate. That’s when witnesses said a woman got out of the van and tried to get in between the driver from the Range Rover and the license plate.

One witness told investigator the driver from the Range Rover chest bumped the woman twice with his hands in the air.

The probable cause statement said that’s when Brown got out of the van and told the man to not touch his wife. Brown then punched the man, and according to witnesses, knocked him unconscious for 30 seconds.

First responders were called to the scene.

The victim denied he provoked an attack. First responders took him to the hospital. He lost two teeth in the fight.

Court documents said video surveillance captured the incident, but upon reviewing the footage, the sequence of events was not clear and it was difficult to determine who was in the video.

NKC High School student says she was beaten on campus because of her sexual orientation

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

A 15-year-old girl says she was assaulted on campus because she’s gay. Police said it happened at North Kansas City High School.

The girl’s mother, Victoria Johnson, said not only was her daughter assaulted, but the school isn’t doing enough to address it.

Laci Johnson told FOX4 she came out to some of her friends months ago, and they quickly turned into enemies. However, she never expected when she went to school on Tuesday, Feb. 4, that she would be coming home with a concussion.

“Why should somebody be harassed for who they like or who they love?” Laci said. “It’s not anybody’s business.”

On Tuesday, the 15-year-old saw a video text that said the boy in the video and his girlfriend wanted to beat her. While waiting for the bus, she called him homophobic. Then, she said she was pushed to the ground and punched in the head over and over. A passing by car caught the assault on camera.

“She was so violently attacked that I think I was in shock,” Johnson said. “I actually don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a male hit a female in the manner that I watched my daughter be beat.”

Victoria said her husband went immediately to the school after she got home and told them what happened. He said he tried show them the video, but he was turned away by the assistant principal, Ashley Smith.

“He wanted to give her information about his daughter, their student, and she said, ‘Well, it doesn’t matter,'” Johnson said. “‘The students are gone. Nothing is going to be done tonight.'”

Then they went to the North Kansas City Police Department to file a report, and finally NKC Hospital, where Laci was diagnosed with a concussion. Johnson said the school hasn’t communicated with her at all about the investigation into her daughter’s attack.

The school was closed on Wednesday for the Kansas City Chiefs Championship Parade, and they didn’t hear back from anyone even when they left a message with the school’s administrative office. Johnson said she received a call from Smith asking what she was going to do with her daughter. Johnson said she didn’t understand what the comment meant, and that her daughter was recovering from her injuries.

She also said her daughter was cleared to go back to school with medical restrictions on the Feb. 5, but she doesn’t feel comfortable sending Laci back to school until she knows her daughter would be safe.

“I sent my daughter in the morning thinking she would be safe, and before she was even off school property, she was assaulted for the first time in her life,” Johnson said.

The North Kansas City School District said in a statement:

“NKC Schools is aware of a troubling incident involving two North Kansas City High School students outside the school after dismissal February 4, 2020. We are greatly disturbed by this incident as it does not reflect the district’s expectation to provide a safe, inclusive learning environment for all students.

“After being notified of the situation, staff immediately responded. Several administrators have since communicated with involved students and their families to address all questions and concerns. We are also working with law enforcement on this matter and disciplinary action has been taken in accordance with Board policy. The safety and security of students is of utmost importance. To provide for the safe return of the student involved, a customized plan will be implemented with direct input from the student and family.

“NKC Schools strives to provide a safe learning environment for every student. We have developed a culture of equity and inclusion with the expectation of mutual respect. Anything less will not be tolerated.

“It’s at the point that the way he beat me was emotionally damaging, and physically, but mostly, the reason why he did it was what hurts me the most,” Laci said.

The North Kansas City Police Department says they have identified the student. They forwarded their findings to the Clay County Juvenile Office, who will decide if and what charges the boy would face.

KCPD urges parents to take precautions with kids before Chiefs parade, rally: Here are some tips

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Everyone’s excited about Wednesday’s parade. There will be a lot to look at and a lot going on downtown.

But local officials have some advice if you plan to take your kids with you to the event.

“Please, parents, prepare for keeping track of your children. We lost 100 children temporarily during the Royals celebration,” Maj. Chip Huth with the Kansas City Police Department said.

Linda Hanson owns R.E.A.C.T. Self Defense and has been training people on how to be safe for more than 40 years. She said there are a few easy ways to think ahead.

Take a picture of your child at the beginning of the day. That way you know exactly what they were wearing and look like in case you need to show officials or police.

She also suggests pointing police, or any officials, out to your children in case they need one if you get separated.

Hanson said another way to be smart is to take a picture of yourself and your contact information and put it in a plastic pouch your kids can keep with them.

“Have them put it in their pocket or even around their neck would be a really safe thing to do so that if they do get lost, they don’t have to describe you,” Hanson said.

“They don’t have to remember the number because in that frightening moment when they’re separated, sometimes it’s not easy to recall those numbers. They’ll have it with them much easier to find you.”

Hanson said a whistle is an easy way to get your child’s attention and are easy to get ahold of. You can get one at any party store or most box stores. She said everyone wants to wear red, but if you can have part of your outfit be another color it will hep distinguish you from others in the crowd.

“The most important thing for tomorrow is to celebrate,” Hanson said. “This is such an incredible event. We’re so excited for the Chiefs. It’s an amazing opportunity, but just take these small safety tips into consideration so that you can stay safe and have a great celebration. Go Chiefs!”

If you do get separated from your children, KCPD said there are several designated meeting places along the route:

  • Grand Avenue Temple – 205 E. 9th St.
  • Police Headquarters – 1125 Locust
  • Church of the Resurrection Downtown – 1601 Grand
  • Tent – 18th and Grand
  • Tent – 20th and Grand
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City – 2301 Main St.

Man dies in fireworks accident immediately following Chiefs Super Bowl win

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Kansas City police reported Monday morning that a man attempting to light commercial-grade fireworks in an improvised mortar died Sunday night after suffering a catastrophic head injury.

Police say this happened at 9:17 p.m. in the 9800 block of Richmond, after the Kansas City Chiefs had just won Super Bowl 54, with the game ending at 9:15 p.m.

Further details about the victim or any other injuries related to that incident haven’t been released yet.

KCPD says there were also 163 reports of illegal gunfire that they’re following up on. The shots were fired between 5:30 p.m. Sunday to 1 a.m. Monday.

At the city’s biggest entertainment district, KCPD says there were 20,000 people at Power and Light for a Super Bowl watch party. Police made a total of 14 arrests and ejected 45 people from the district. The Kansas City Fire Department responded to 24 medical incidents during and after the game.

KC couple’s dreams come true when Chiefs win the Super Bowl during their wedding

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It’s a dream come true for a couple of Kansas City Chiefs fans after their team won the Super Bowl during their wedding.

For Nikki and Rob Walkowiak, it was 50 and 4 years in the making. The couple are lifelong Chiefs fans and have been together for four years.

“We’re huge fans, and we thought, ‘Yeah, if the Chiefs happen to be in it, we get the best of both worlds,'” Nikki said.

“We get our wedding. We get all of our friends and family here. Big Super Bowl party. So we went ahead and started planning.”

The Walkowiaks and the Chiefs had the best day of their lives. Their friends and family were all invited to a Super Bowl party with even more to celebrate.

“When they realized that we were going to be having a ceremony and then opening it up to a big Super Bowl party afterwards, they were in,” Rob said. “There were no complaints.”

“We’re going to tell the grandkids about this for years to come, and it’s the most incredible feeling,” Nikki said. “I think we’re more nervous about the game than we are getting married. We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

The night was filled with tomahawk chops, toasts and touchdowns. It only needed one more thing — Super Bowl history.

“We are so proud of them like everyone else in this town, and thank you for winning the AFC Championship for us, and making our dreams come true today,” Nikki said.

The couple said the next stop after their wedding was to Rally House to get their Super Bowl Championship gear.

Metro nonprofits say Chiefs players make a huge difference in kids’ lives on and off the field

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The Chiefs are betting on the future of Kansas City. Thousands of kids in the metro have a special connection with the team.

Beneath the touchdown glory and Super Bowl swagger, many of the Chiefs have a soft heart for the city’s youth.

“The Hunt family and the Chiefs, what an anchor for us,” Operation Breakthrough CEO Mary Esselman said.

Operation Breakthrough in KCMO has been around for nearly 50 years. They help provide an enriching after-school experience and support for more than 700 kids.

“When you look at the fact that they don’t just see financial support, they actually see the players, the players are actually here interacting,” Esselman said. “So think about what that role model provides when you work hard and play hard. What a great message to send to our kids and families.”

Patrick Mahomes’ 15 and the Mahomies Foundation recently sponsored a grant for after-school scholarships to the program.

Travis Kelce sponsors their robotics program and spends time regularly with the kids. This holiday season, Tyrann Mathieu hosted 10 families for a dinner and gifts with a meet and greet.

Team Smile works with punter Dustin Colquitt, Kelce, Harrison Butker, James Winchester and countless other players. Executive Director John McCarthy said Team Smile has been working with the Chiefs organization more than 10 years.

This year the nonprofit plans to provide free dental care to thousands of children in a number of different states.

“We use the power of sports to create that connection and give this special experience for the children,” McCarthy said. “So it takes the fear out of dentistry. It makes it cool, it makes it fun, and we give a kids the experience that they may never have otherwise to bring them out to some of the great stadiums throughout the country.”

McCarthy said on Super Bowl Sunday, these kids will not only get to see the Chiefs play, but see people who truly made a difference in their lives for the better.

“It’s a tremendous impact that they have, and sometimes they might not even realize it. They may be out there to take the pictures and love on the kids, but really their influence goes well beyond that day,” McCarthy said.