KU fans mob Mass Street in celebration of win over Duke

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Original Post

Mass Street was a massive celebration Sunday night after the Jayhawks’ overtime win over Duke to reach the Final Four.

Fans were on edge throughout the nail-biter of a match-up, but that tension turned to jubilation after KU wrapped up the win, 85-81.

The partiers in the street shut down traffic, but police said the party wasn’t out of control. The Lawrence Police Department tweeted as of 9 p.m., there had been no arrests and no citations in the aftermath of the game.

Lawrence Police


9:00 p.m. Final (Four) update:
0 Arrests
0 Citations

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Fans later flocked to Allen Fieldhouse to welcome the team back shortly after 11 p.m.

Dodge Town play area set to reopen at Antioch Park after extensive renovation

MERRIAM, Kan. — Original Post

For all the metro parents of tiny city-slickers, it’s almost time to round up your kids and head over to historic Dodge Town.

The Antioch Park play area reminiscent of the Wild West is almost ready to reopen any day now after extensive renovations.

On Friday at high noon, Dodge Town seemed to be a ghost town. But Michael Dizney, Antioch Park manager, said it will be busy soon enough.

“We will have bus loads of kids here non-stop the entire summer,” Dizney said.

Dodge Town has been a Johnson County staple since the 1970s, and this isn’t the first time it’s been redone.

“Things are always changing and everything, but we did build this one for sustainability to last for generations — or two or three maybe,” Dizney said.

For the last two years, the Johnson County Parks and Recreation Department has worked to design and create the nearly half-million-dollar project.

“Hopefully this will last 20, 30 years before having to re-do it again,” Dizney said.

They added a covered train station, a train-sized playground and a new flat surfacing instead of the previous mulch.

But Dizney’s favorite may surprise you.

“It’s probably the decorative cows that we placed, but you can sit on them,” he said. “I’ve tested all the elements here. Bessie’s always a good cow name.”

Dizney said Dodge Town is something families have done together for decades.

“You`ll have grandparents walking their grandkids up here, explaining to them how they used to play cops and robbers in Dodge Town buildings,” Dizney said.

“I remember coming here as a kid,” Glenda Ratliff said.

Ratliff came here as a young girl in the 1960s, and when she became a mom, she brought her son.

“That brings back really good childhood memories,” Glenda’s son Tadd Ratliff said. “We loved going through the little town and acting like we’re in a little old western.”

He can’t wait for his daughter Clara to dust off her boots at Dodge Town.

“It’s part of my childhood, so then I can share it with her and say, ‘That’s where Daddy used to play when he was a kid,’ and you know, it’s got such a nostalgia to it that its amazing,” Ratliff said.

So y’all come back or maybe say howdy to a new tradition. Dodge Town is having a rope cutting at 10:30 a.m. April 7 complete with hot dogs, bandannas and badges for kids. Every little buckaroo will also be able to become an honorary Dodge Town deputy.

New eats at Kauffman Stadium give Royals baseball season a delicious start

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

You may be ready for some Royals baseball, but are you prepared for what’s new on their menu?

FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt had the tough task of checking out all the new eats at Kauffman Stadium.

“I would say to hit every piece of food in the stadium, you’d probably have to come to 20 games,” said John Woychick, executive chef for Aramark at Kauffman Stadium.

So many new options, but where to begin? Let’s start with the Drunken Barbacoa Beef Nachos.

“Slow braised in Tank 7 beer, some orange juice for about 6 hours,” Woychick said. “We shred them over top of our tri-colored chips here, some chipotle sour cream, pico de Gallo, charred corn, black beans and finish with some green onion.”


It wouldn’t be Kansas City without the wings, and this year they’re smoked.

“We season them in house with our pit master’s special rub, then we smoke them, toss them in a garlic butter, parsley,” Woychick said.

If you’re looking for something healthy, they’re offering a coconut chicken salad this year as well.

However, one FOX4 favorite wasn’t very healthy — Pork Belly Mac and Cheese. Delicious.

“The mac and cheese is made in house here with some slow-braised pork belly that we also cook,” Woychick said. “Then we chop that up, mix it up with our mac; we hit it with some Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, some fried shallots and finish with some sliced green onions.”

They’re even put mac and cheese on a hot dog this season.

“Mac and cheese on a hot dog. Yeah, it’s absolutely delicious,” Woychick said.

There are fish tacos, chicken Philly cheese steaks and even edible cookie dough also on the menu at Kaufman.

These are just some of the new options on the menu. We have the full list here, and you can check out every new item on the menu on FOX 4’s Instagram.

And when the season starts next week, get ready to kick back, grab a hot dog — with mac and cheese — and enjoy a delicious season of Royals baseball.

Business is booming in Grandview as more companies move to city

GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Original Post

For businesses, it seems to be a good time to go to Grandview. Three big companies are in the process of setting up shop.

Great location, great traffic — That’s what Kim Curtis says Grandview is all about.

“People are wanting to get into Grandview, definitely,” Curtis said.

Curtis is the president of Grandview’s Chamber of Commerce and said the town of 25,000 continues to grow.

“We’ve got a community that’s really easy to work with in terms of bringing businesses here,” she said. “We were noticed as one of the top five cities in the metro as being the easiest process to go through when you`re permitting or bringing a business here.”

Just inside the city limits, Kelly Construction is building its new facility from the ground up.

Winco Fireworks is moving in to share production with existing business Church & Dwight.

Curtis said Construction Brokers is also headed south of the metro to the Jackson County city.

All together, it’s about 100 jobs.

“Its exciting. We’re all about business, and when we have new folks coming in to join the businesses that have been here for years and years, it just brings everybody up,” Curtis said.

Mike Christ, owner of Stonebridge Collective, decided to start his business in Grandview about six months ago.

“We opened our doors in September,” Crist said. “We’ve owned the building for a little over two years and really renovated the space and made it our own and have been open for about six months.”

Stonebridge Collective started as a landscaping business and expanded to indoor and outdoor lifestyle products.

Crist said the location brings in business.

“It’s very accessible for the entire city,” he said. “We’ve got access to Johnson County, to the Northland, right through the city, all over. It`s just a great location for us.”

“We’ve got nearly 80,000 cars that go through Grandview every day on I-49, so it`s a good location,” Curtis said.

Crist said new businesses coming to town means more car traffic and more customers in the door.

“It’s very encouraging,” he said. “It makes you feel like you’re not alone because other people see the potential. Hopefully more traffic to them means more traffic to us.”

Curtis said she’s not sure how much tax revenue the companies will bring in just yet for the city.

Basketball brings big bucks to bar owners

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

Kansas State’s March 18 game is icing on the cake for bar owners on what some would say is their biggest weekend of the year.

FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt spent the day at Tower Tavern, not for drinks, but to see how this weekend beats all the rest.

With March Madness in full effect, Tower Tavern’s owner, Grant Naugle, he’s seen green for more than just St. Patrick’s Day.

“The tournament’s huge for us,” Naugle said.

Naugle says this is his biggest weekend each year.

“I think Kansas City is just kind of a crazy basketball town, and being so close to three major colleges there’s tons of alum from all three schools. People just love the basketball,” Naugle said.

From Kansas University, to Kansas State, and even Mizzou there’s a lot to cheer for.

“It usually typically gets pretty busy. There’s a lot of people. There`s a really fun vibe in here. Everyone`s cheering for their teams, which is always really nice,” said bartender Ariel Douglas.

Douglas says the more wins they get the more her tips go up.

“Just ’cause everyone’s happy, and in a good mood, and obviously the more people that come in, the more tips you’re going to make,” Douglas said.

Naugle says their register usually doubles during big games, but throw St. Pats in the mix and its a whole other level.

“Well, that was about triple,” Naugle said.

Patrons say a big win can mean a few more rounds.

“We may be going to Atlanta on Thursday if we win, but it’s pretty pricey, and it’s awesome,” said Patrick Atchity of Kansas City, Missouri.

“If we win we definitely have more fun, which equals spending more money,” said Phillip Burkett of Roeland Park.

“I typically go to the bar and close out and I’m very disheartened. It’s way too much money, but I enjoyed every minute of it,” said Josh Parker of Kansas City, Missouri.

Bucks aside, it’s about good friends and tradition.​

“People that come here kinda know each other, and if you don`t, it`s the kind of vibe where you do get to know everyone. So, it’s just a really friendly hospitable place,” Douglas said.

“As the stakes get higher it brings in more people. I would assume this Friday with KU playing Friday night we’ll be absolutely bananas,” Naugle said.

Naugle says what may surprise you is when tournaments are at Sprint Center they still see a good amount of business, but more fans head over to Power & Light for an easy walk to a local pub.

KC St. Patrick’s Day festivities offer fun for revelers of all ages

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Original Post

Even though the St. Patrick’s day parade ended, the celebration was just getting started.

FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt followed the parade route to see the excitement over the Irish holiday.

Each year, Kansas City breaks out their green, and brings their spirit to the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

“I like all the floats and stuff,” said 12-year-old Brady Mason.

“We like to celebrate, and we think its really fun to celebrate holidays like this,” said 10-year-old Ava Lamothe.

From Irish giants, to little leprechauns, everyone has a great time.

“We love it. We love it. We love supporting Kansas City, and seeing all the parade entries. Its fun,” said KC resident Heidi Skretta.

“I’ve brought my kids since they were little bitty. I think its just important to do the family thing. It`s not always about the drinking and the partying. It`s about having fun with everybody,” said Leanne Tate.

It was hard to find a person to pinch!

Terry Diamond brought his family from Springfield, MO to see the show.

“Growing up in Kansas City it’s just tradition,” Diamond said. “Just so they can see what Kansas City is all about. The different people, different lifestyles, and different traditions they have here.”

In Westport, the party was just getting started.

“It’s like no other. Second to none,” said Daniel Nelson.

“I get to hang out with these guys, and have a good time. They get excited, and every year they`re like ‘we gotta go to St. Patrick’s Day,” said Matthew Petelin.

Just remember, don’t drink and drive, and keep luck on your side.

​”Everybody have fun and be safe tonight,” Tate said.

Major Brands is offering 1,000 free rides to people across Missouri. You can get yours in the metro through the zTrip app.

Changes to ‘dangerous dog’ policy in Independence causing issues for some owners

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Original Post

Should a dog that’s labeled “dangerous” be considered a menace forever? An Independence family says no, but the city’s ordinance says yes.

No matter the circumstances, the city of Independence just updated its dangerous dog ordinance, and it includes a 10-year-old husky mix who doesn’t even have teeth anymore.

“She’s a scaredy cat. She’s a big baby,” Tina Henson said of her 10-year-old dog Lily.

Henson said back when Lily was a puppy, they ran into a problem.

“She stood at the end of the driveway of our old neighbor’s house, and he pulled up, and he couldn’t get out of the car because she was barking there,” Henson said. “And he was afraid she was going to charge her, and he pressed charges.”

According to a judge in Independence, Lily is a dangerous dog.

“At that time, she only had to make sure that she had rabies shots every year, micro-chipped, dog on premises sign, and she couldn’t be on a long leash. It had to be a certain length,” Henson said.

About a week ago, Henson got a letter in the mail about an update to the dangerous dog ordinance.

“Now we now have to send in four pictures,” Henson said. “She has to have a caged muzzle, a 6-foot leash, and a $300,000 insurance policy.”

That policy is new to Independence dog owners but not for other owners around the metro. Lee’s Summit has the same requirements. KCMO’s ordinance requires a little less insurance at $250,000. KCK requires a $1 million policy.

A manager with the city of Independence said the change was for uniformity between the cities’ ordinances, and if you add it onto your homeowner’s insurance, it’s inexpensive.

But it’s not that easy for Henson.

“If I had homeowners insurance or renters insurance, she could just be added, and it wouldn’t be a big deal. I don`t have any of that, because I don`t own my own home,” Henson said.

Now that Lily is reaching her golden years, she’s less dangerous and more docile.

“She has no teeth now. She has bad bones. She don’t bark hardly ever. She’s not a dangerous dog, and she has no bite history,” Henson said.

She thinks the ordinance requirements are a bit much for a dog without a bite.

“If you have a dog that has never bitten, doesn’t have a history of bites, is old and doesn’t get out of the house — she has no teeth — I think it should be done on a dog-by-dog basis,” she said. “You know, not just we`re going to blanket this over every dog that`s had an issue.”

The city said it’s willing to work with residents as updates go into effect. Residents are asked to comply by the end of the month.